Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Bubuntuu is a mysterious planet where a magical field engulfs it. The Magic field makes the planet seems warped to creature eyes but it really isn't. To avoid seeing warped things, magical creatures casted a counter-spell and created small fields that are normal so the creatures built their cities in the fields, to travel between cities, the creatures also put the counter-fields around their transports. The scientists now are trying to create a large field to cover the entire planet to get rid of the whole warp field

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Manchest is a planet with a dense fog, the fog was created when a science experiment backfired, before the experiment backfired though, a couple of robots had buried treasure inside ancient temples deep underground, then they went back above ground and pretended nothing happened, this legend was passed through generation through generation and no treasure hunter had found the entrance to the caves which lead to the temples. Then the science experiment backfired and fog appeared, dashing everyone's hopes of finding treasure. Because it was so hard to see, creatures moved to Manchest's moon, Nit, which was half of Manchest's size. No one has ever gone looking for the caves because of the fog.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Kukakis is a planet where all the creatures who know magic reside, It is a planet with rolling hills and cities on the hills, it has vast forests, huge lakes and tall mountains, Two brothers named Zephyr and Zenith live on top of a tall mountain, everyone who wants advice goes to them but it is not easy climbing the mountain. The BGD also have a base on Kukakis, it is situated underwater in a cave where the BGD have a machine that allows them to walk and breathe. The BGD has chosen their base here because magical creatures could be a valuable asset to their coalition.

The Black Hole

There is a black hole in the Dasha galaxy that never goes away, it sucks everything into it. The GRS has put barriers around it to stop people from getting sucked in. There are legends saying that the black hole leads to a parallel dimension where everything is nothing that it seems, no one can prove it is true because there is no known way to escape the black hole once you get sucked in.